Thursday, 27 February 2020

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Welcome to Waseco

        The Water Supply & Sewerage Construction and Investment Joint-Stock Company is belonging to Viet Nam Water Supply Sewerage and Environment Construction Investment Corporation (VIWASEEN). Its international transaction name is WASECO. It mainly operates in fields of general contractor for construction and installation of water supply and sewerage works; design consultancy, procurement and supply of specialized materials and equipment for water and drainage purposes, wastewater treatment and environmental sanitation; investment and business of real estates and office leasing; investment for construction and business of water supply and sewerage works, construction of civil, industrial works and infrastructures.
Offices For Rent


-               The WASECO Plaza locates on no. 10 Pho Quang str., ward 2, Tan Binh dist., at 5 minutes driving from Tan Son Nhat Airport. There are two areas cover near  30.000mand to be the idea place  for companies, organizations basing office and convenient for business and cooperations.


 -              The building is equipped modern interior facilities to ensure technical safety standards. It is also equipped the elevator with high speed, automatic firefighting system, electric generator and security, maintenance, sanitation pro. services. The parking area (car and motobike) are large enough to satisfy needs of people in building and visitor. 


Activity Fields

With a strategy of sustainable development, becoming a multicompany, the following main activities are speeded up by the Company with special attention:


  • General contractor for construction and installation of water supply and sewerage works, wastewater treatment and environmental sanitation works.
  • Construction of civil works and housing estate, exterior decoration; installation of sanitary wares, plumbing and drainage, heating supply, air condition, air ventilation systems for the interior and exterior of buildings.
  • Construction of industrial works, urban infrastructures and industrial zones, arricultural hydraulic engineering, electric lines and transformers up to 35 KV.
  • Construction and installation of water pumping stations, compressed air pump stations, air pipelines.
  • Investment and business of real estates and office leasing.
  • Investment for construction and business of water supply and sewerage works.
  • Investment, management, exploitation and trading of services in industrial zones, urban areas, dwelling areas and concentrated residential areas; car ionnitatparks, industrial warehouses and storage yards.