Thursday, 27 February 2020

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Inaugurating The An Nghiep Water Treatment Plant

On 8th July 2009, An Nghiep Industrial park Water treatment plant – phase 1 – Capacity 6.000m3/day night was set into operation officially in order to supply clean water for production of companies, units in the industrial park. The companies will be ensured in business and commercial efficiency by the water treatment plant, along with others technical infrastructure in industrial park

  Water supply and sewerage construction and investment company pride that we was chosen to work this contract  by An Nghiep Industrial park Water treatment plant JS Company in order to supply clean water for production of companies in the industrial park.



In this project, WASECO undertook to install and construct technology, complete equipment, power; the plant supply clean water with capacity 12.000m3/ day night, and 6.000m3/day night in phase 1. There are 15 main items as follows: basin, filtration chamber, mixing chamber, sedimentation tank, raw and treated water pumping station, administration building, garage, guard housing, workshop building, substation, power plant building, stockpile… near 20 billion VND in all.

  Although the scope of project in not large but it includes all items of a clean water supply & treatment system, meets requirement in design, capacity, water quality. To satisfy companies’ demand in using water for production and business in industrial park and local residential timely.