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Consultant And Desigh Services & Scientific Research Subjects
In the field of consultancy, design and scientific research on water supply and wastewater disposal sector, the Company has
executed many projects and subjects from small to medium scales at various areas, creating its prestige to businesses and localities.
In order to perform survey, design and consultancy for water supply and sewerage systems, civil and industrial works, the Water
Supply & Sewerage and Environment Construction Investment Joint Stock Company has established the Water Supply & Sanitary Design and Consultant Center to specialize its activities aiming at meeting social demands which become higher with every passing day.

  • Surveying - projecting - designing of Ca Giang Water Supply System for Ca Giang Town - Phan Thiet City with capacity of 30.000 m3/day, stage 1: 15,000 m3/day. Total investment capital for stage 1: VND 41.4 billion
  • Design of Long Kim Water Treatment Plant in Ben Luc District, Long An Province with capacity of 15,000 m3/day, stage 1: 5,000 m3/day (in 2005). Total investment capital
  • Surveying – projecting – designing of Intervillage Water Supply System in Binh Dai District, Ben Tre province with capacity of 80 m3/hr financed by Australian Government ( in 2005 – 2006). Total investment capital: VND 15.2 billion.
  • Surveying – projecting of North Ham Thuan District Water Supply System in Binh Thuan Province with capacity of 10,000 m3/day financed by Italian Government ( in 2006). Total investment capital: EURO 6 million
  • Surveying – projecting – designing of Tuyen Lam Reservoir Water Treatment Plant in Dalat City with capacity of 15,000 m3/day (2007 – 2008). Total investment capital: VND 97 billion
  • Surveying – projecting – designing of 6 water treatment plants under O Mon – Xa Nu sub-project in Can Tho City with capacity of 15 – 50 m3/ hr financed by World Bank (in 2006). Total investment capital: VND 19.7 billion
  • Design of wastewater treatment plant for South Phan Thiet Aquatic Product Industrial Zone with capacity of 6,500 m3/day (in 2007). Total investment capital: VND 41.3 billion

  • Research on construction solution for the installation of underground pipes in old urban areas by avoiding land clearance and compensation (subject code : RD 19-01 - Ministry of Construction).

  • Research on enhancing the efficiency of well drilling for exploitation of ground water in Mekong delta area (assigned by Ministry of Construction).

  • Research on extending the application scope of water treatment units under a method of inclined lamella sedimentation and pressure filter for high turbidity raw water in Mekong delta area in flood season (subject code : R15- 01 - Ministry of Construction).

  • Trial production of butterfly valves, gate valves, air release valves serving for water sector (subject code : KC-06.DA1.CN - Ministry of Science and Technology).

  • Research on application of automation in water treatment plants for domestic use under the technology of prefabricated settling tank and filter under pressure in a complete unit ( subject code : RD 24-05 - Ministry of Construction).