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The Water Treatment Plant in An Nghiep Industrial Park - Soc Trang Province

Project's name : Construction Water treatment plant in An NGhiep Industrial park, Soc Trang province

Position : Vietnam.

Capacity/ Scope of project: 6.000m3/ day

Employer  : An Nghiep Industrial park Water treatment plant - Soc Trang province

Construction Water Plant
Project's name: Construction water plant of Ca Giang water supply system - Phan Thiet City - Binh Thuan Province
: Vietnam
Capacity/ Scope of project 15.000m3/day
Employer: Binh Hiep Corporation.


Installation of Raw Water Transmission Main D2400mm from Hoa An Pumping Station to Thu Duc Water Treatment Plant.
Project's name: Installation of raw water transmission main D2400mm from Hoa An pumping station to Thu Duc water treatment plant
Position: Vietnam
Capacity / Scope of project
Employer: Ho Chi Minh City Water Supply Company


Sai Gon River Water Treatment Plant Phase I
Project's name: Construction of 1500mm Dia. Prestressed concrete treated water transmission main of Sai Gon river water treatment plant phase 1
: Vietnam
Capacity / Scope of project: 300,000m3/day
Employer: Ho Chi Minh City Water Supply Company


Contract 01 (A) Construction of Le Duan Drainage Diversion Works for Buon Me Thuot City.
Project's name: Contract 01 (A) construction of Le Duan drainage diversion works for Buon Me Thuot city
: Vietnam
Capacity/ Scope of project: 30.000m3/day
Employer: Urban Management and Environmental Sanitation Company


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